Save operating costs with automated rental management

✓ Intelligent control of devices
✓ Reduce heating costs in a targeted manner
✓ Optimize operating budgets

With Conrad Connect Professional, you can connect existing smart home solutions from 100+ manufacturers for better efficiency in your rental properties. Use your radiators and air conditioning systems simply smarter and link time or occupancy data of your apartments and properties to meaningful rules. Stop unnecessary energy consumption, avoid manual maintenance, and lower your operating costs.

Benefits for your rental units



Your challenge:
Avoid energy costs when vacant

✓ Eliminate unnecessary heating costs
✓ Smartly automate thermostats & air-con
✓ Optimize operating budgets and maintenance times



The solution:
Conrad Connect Professional

✓ Simple & quick setup with minimal investment
✓ Automation based on occupancy
✓ Visualize data on dashboards



Smart optimization:
For vacation rentals and real estate

✓ Control devices intelligently and comprehensively
✓ Integration with your booking system
✓ Satisfied customers who feel comfortable

 bookings with energy efficiency

Create more efficiency
for your property rental

Conrad Connect Professional can be easily synchronized with your booking system or CRM like Salesforce, using calendars. This way, you can control smart devices such as thermostats or air conditioning systems automatically: at the time of renting your property, the heating is automatically raised to the appropriate temperature and switched off again after the booking has ended. Thanks to clear dashboards, you keep track of everything and can be automatically warned of problems. Time-consuming maintenance becomes a thing of the past.

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Integrate more than 3.000 Devices, Apps & Services from 100+ Brands

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Even more smart automations

smart plug


Control classic electrical devices smartly

Pumps, heat storage, or entertainment systems: Control conventional electrical devices with inexpensive radio-controlled sockets. Benefit from the advantages of smart home control with minimal investment costs.

light automation


Create rules for 
light & house technology

Reduce your costs with a rule-based control of outdoor lighting and building technology. You determine which conditions must exist and combine hundreds of compatible brands across manufacturer boundaries.

time tracking


Intelligent time tracking
for employees

Make use of smart buttons to track and document the working hours of your cleaning staff: Simplify your quality management for your rental properties simply and intuitively - without prior technical knowledge.

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Innovator of the year
in the category „Services“

EHI Retail Institute

Best Customer Experience

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Best online-shop experience
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Conrad Group -
Trust since 1923

With Conrad Connect Professional you choose Germany's leading Conrad IoT platform. Convince yourself of the most advanced automation technology, highest quality and security.


Your Security Is Our No. 1 Priority

Protecting your personal information is very important to us. This is why we’ve put all the necessary measures in place to safeguard your privacy. With Conrad Connect you have full control over your data.

✓ 100% GDPR compliant
✓ Latest SSL encryption
✓ Servers with the highest security standards in Western Europe

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"By implementing the automated temperature and safety monitoring from Conrad Connect, we can save energy by reducing the running time of our server cooling up to 20%. At the same time, we keep an eye on the access to important premises and can react to potential intruders at any time. Also, we improve the service quality for our guests with a "Call Service - Button", which immediately passes the information on to the responsible employee using rules from the Conrad Connect Portal"

Torsten Keppler ,
Head of IT,
Dorint Hotels, Sanssouci
Berlin, Potsdam

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